Installing the sciview plugin for Fiji

Installing the latest development version

sciview versions now use different update sites, so it's easier to switch to a new version. Refer to the table below to see what is the current version.

Update site name



Current & supported



0. Removing the stable version

This only applies if you have previously installed sciview

The latest stable version of sciview (from the SciView update site) and the latest development version (from the sciview-buttercup update site) cannot be use simultaneously. If you want to switch from stable to development version, you need to remove the stable version first. Execute this step if you have currently activated the SciView update site. Otherwise you can skip this step.

  1. Open the Fiji Updater via Help > Update... in the Fiji main window.

  2. Click Manage update sitesand deactivate the SciView update site by removing the tick mark.

  3. Click Close, then Apply changesin the updater window. The release version of sciview will now be removed.

  4. Restart Fiji.

1. Open Fiji

If you don't have Fiji installed yet, see the page on installing Fiji.

2. Open the Fiji Updater

In the main Fiji window, click Help > Update...

Fiji will scan your installation, and if necessary, suggest updates. If any updates are required, please install them before proceeding. You might need to restart Fiji in the process.

If your installation is up-to-date, the updater will show you an empty window like this:

Should there be any pending updates, please click Apply changes, then repeat the steps up to here.

3. Adding and Activating the sciview Development Update Site

To add and activate the sciview-buttercup update site that contains the latest development version, click Manage update sitesand in the update site window, click the Add update site button. A new, empty list entry will appear. In the first column, enter sciview-buttercup, and in the second column The URL is case-sensitive. Then activate the newly added update site by clicking the checkbox in front of the line you just added:

Click Closeand Apply changes, then Fiji will download the latest development version of sciview.

4. Restarting Fiji

After the updater has completed downloading, you will be prompted to restart Fiji. Please do so. If you do not restart Fiji now, you will most likely run into problems.

5. Ready to go!

After restarting Fiji, you can launch sciview from Plugins > sciview.

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