Volumetric Data

Let's start with our trusty ImageJ toolbar and an empty sciview scene.

Now open the script editor by first clicking on the ImageJ toolbar then pressing "[". Download and open this script in the script editor to generate a 3D image volume that we can use.

Now press "Run" or Ctrl + R

You can close the script editor, then "Add volume" in sciview.

Then you will get a dialog where you can change the resolution of your volume's voxels (for example, if you are using confocal microscopy data, your z-resolution will be much larger)

Your volume should open up in the sciview window

Now let's do something fun. Start an animation to circle around your volume

Start recording a video

After some time, stop recording the video

Changing colormap

Let's change the colormap of a volume

Voila, now we have a new colormap

Changing transfer function

Let's change the transfer function

Voila, now we have a new transfer function

What about timeseries?

No problem! Try the "Volume Timeseries" demo

You'll get a volume that looks like this

Now press play and enjoy

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